July 20th is the day that City Council decides on the re-zoning request for the proposed development on the Paskapoo Slopes. This space is a key natural area within the Calgary city limits and we want to see it stay as is. We love orienteering there! We need more natural areas in Calgary, not less. Show your support opposing the development. 1) Sign the petition and 2) attend the Council Meeting on July 20th if you can.
Orienteering in the New York Times!
A reminder that registration fees for the Canadian Orienteering Champs go up after July 3rd.
Over 20 Foothills Orienteering folk are at the Western Canadian Champs this weekend in Whitehorse. Have fun up there!!
Check out this incredible cake before it was was happily consumed at the orienteering event last night to salute Justine Scheck's last days working for Orienteering Calgary and Sogo Adventure Running before she heads off on an extended trip. Thanks Justine Scheck! You're awesome!


Foothills Orienteering is an active club of several hundred members in southern Alberta. We organize races and training throughout the year, and have programs for youth and adults. The club has a strong history of orienteering in the Calgary area for over 30 years.

Club Clothing

Foothills has a small stock of our newly designed clothing.  You can view images, check inventory, and order clothing here

Junior Program

Our club is very proud of our successful youth programs that coach kids ages 6 to 18 to become great orienteers. Our program is called SOGO Adventure Running, offering 2 seasons a year in several different locations!  Check out the new SOGO website for more information.

Adult Programs

Beyond the Basics is a  6-week introductory program for Adults. Check out this page for more information.


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Thank you to this week's volunteers:

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The registration for the 2015 memberships and season passes has opened and can be found here.

New this year all FWOC members will automatically be AOA members.