Hi everyone. Are you registered for Run the Wild on October 3rd yet? If not, make sure you secure a spot for you and your partner for what is going to be an awesome edition. We have just organized a dinner location for the post-race celebrations at the Apollo Restorante and Steakhouse. The buffet dinner will be included in your entry fee. We want to start nailing down numbers so if you are one of those people who just haven't gotten around to it yet.......get around to it now!
Remo Madella has been hired by the club to update a number of maps in and around Calgary. Remo will talk about his projects and about the technology and methodology that he uses for mapping. In particular he will talk about the modern way of doing fieldwork with a tablet and GPS that speeds up work and improves accuracy. Why should you attend? If you are interested in making maps you can't miss this opportunity to see how world class mappers are doing their work and learning how you can use the latest techniques As an orienteer, if you want to improve your map-reading and orienteering decision making (i.e. reduce errors, pick better routes, etc) then you will learn a lot about how maps are made, what decisions go into choosing which features are put on the map and which are left off, and how features are represented. This is a rare and valuable opportunity to hear it directly from the mapper. Location Please sign up on the event page. If less than a dozen or so people are coming, it will be held at Adrian & Charlotte's house (1239 Colgrove Ave NE). If more people sign up then we will move the event to a bigger venue. So be sure to reserve a spot by signing up!!!! Website to sign up & for more info: Remo's mapping tools over the last decade:
Yay! The Canadian and Western Canadian Champs in Alberta in 2016!
Great video about the Middle Canadian Champs in New Brunswick!
Are you an Icebug fan? Here's a neat opportunity from Orienteering Canada, Icebug and Introducing the Icebug Orienteering Ambassador Program! Orienteering Canada is extremely excited to be partnering with Icebug Canada and the o-store to present an Icebug Orienteering Ambassador Program. During the Canadian Orienteering Championships (and a little bit after) we will be accepting applications to become an Ambassador for Icebug and Orienteering Canada. Ambassadors will have a chance to test Icebug Zeal OLX shoes at the special ambassador cost of $75 (plus shipping). Ambassadors will be expected to do three events (before the end of 2015) in their Icebug Zeals and post comments and pictures on the Orienteering Canada Facebook. After Ambassadors have posted three times they become part of Icebug Canada Official Ambassador Group and are eligible for future product testing opportunities and contests. For your chance to become an Ambassador go to the Icebug Canada website for more details and to complete an application form. We are looking for Ambassadors from all age/ability groups to show that Orienteering is a sport for life! Visit to find out more! Apply by August 28, 2015. There are a limited number of Ambassador spots available. Orienteering Canada will notify you if you have been selected as an Ambassador. Thank you to and Icebug Canada for helping to make this program possible!


Foothills Orienteering is an active club of several hundred members in southern Alberta. We organize races and training throughout the year, and have programs for youth and adults. The club has a strong history of orienteering in the Calgary area for over 30 years.

Club Clothing

Foothills has a small stock of our newly designed clothing.  You can view images, check inventory, and order clothing here

Junior Program

Our club is very proud of our successful youth programs that coach kids ages 6 to 18 to become great orienteers. Our program is called SOGO Adventure Running, offering 2 seasons a year in several different locations!  Check out the new SOGO website for more information.

Adult Programs

Beyond the Basics is a  6-week introductory program for Adults. Check out this page for more information.


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The registration for the 2015 memberships and season passes has opened and can be found here.

New this year all FWOC members will automatically be AOA members.