SOGO Adventure Running is our club's junior development program for kids aged 3 - 18.

SOGO has three different age and skill levels. In the introductory level athletes are introduced to four elements of adventure running: speed, endurance, agility, and navigation. As they progress through the levels, athletes will develop their orienteering skills as the navigation component is given more weight in each higher level.

SOGO takes place in 3 different Calgary locations, one night per week, with two seasons per year; April-June & September-November.

Over 1,000 kids are expected to sign up for SOGO Adventure Running in 2017.

Please visit the SOGO Adventure Running Website for more information.

Junior Resources: Check out this page to find out more information about travel subsidies, program policies and cool links.

Club Clothing: We have a small stock of a number of pieces of our great club clothing. Orienteering clothing is optimized for running in the forest, but also makes great running, skiing, and hiking wear. Check out the details and photos.

Junior Orienteering Program Contact

Contact Deanne Stephen: (403) 467-9153