This spring (2017) Foothills Orienteering is running a coach-led series of training sessions and events on Sunday mornings on our challenging forest maps.

Schedule and Locations

The Forest Orienteering Training program is a 10 week series consisting of 5 training sessions, 2 courses (treat as a race or a training session), the AOA training camp at the Blackfoot, and culminating with the Alberta Champs in Canmore. You can see a tentative full schedule below. For a more up to date version see the events listed on the club calendar.

Coaching will be provided at all sessions except for the Fish Creek event with instructions before hand and a debrief afterwards.

Date Location (tbc) Training Exercise / Focus Description of session Comments
April 10 Elbow Bluffs Short orienteering loops of increasing difficulty 3-4 loops of varying difficulty to work on reminding oneself of fundamental processes This course will also be used as an assessment for future sessions
April 17 Aspen Creek Control Picking
April 24 Connop Creek Compass bearings
May 1 Quarry Lake Middle distance courses – treat as a race or training 2 middle distance style courses with SI timing – one shorter, one longer
May 8 Sandy McNabb or West Bragg Route choice
May 14-15 Near Sundre AOA training camp
May 22 No session because of May long weekend
May 29 Edmonton / Quarry Lake Line-O set at Quarry Lake Alberta Champs outside of Edmonton. Participants are encourage to compete at Alberta Champs with coaching and leadership provided by coach Jeff. Those that don’t compete can train at Quarry Lake in Canmore.
June 5 Sulphur Springs Long Distance courses – treat as a race or training 2 long distance style courses with SI timing – one shorter, one longer
June 12 Moose Creek TBD
June 19 Fish Creek – Bebo Grove Middle Distance B-meet Fish Creek B-meet on new map with 4 or 5 middle distance style courses including beginner/intermediate course Gives a chance for families to come out and younger SOGO siblings to try a beginner or intermediate course

Session Format

Each training session would consist of 15-20 minutes of instruction at 10:00 prior to sending participants out onto the course for the training exercise. After the exercise the coach will touch base with as many participants as possible to see how it went and provide them with specific comments and feedback based on their comments.

Anyone that wants to do a warm-up before the main exercise should arrive early and do their warm-up before 10:00.

All exercises are set up so participants can do as much or as little as they like. Often they will consist of multiple loops or will be a technical drill based in one location so you can do more or less depending on your speed or interest and the head coach can check in with participants during the training. Alternatively exercises and courses will be set up with multiple cut points or with multiple course of different lengths so you can do the length appropriate for you.

Race coaching will be provided at the Alberta Champs in Canmore to all those that sign up for the full program.

As part of the program we ask that you volunteer to help set out orienteering flags in the woods one week. The coach will coordinate the setting of the flags and will provide personal advice and assistance during this process which WILL make you a better orienteer. We appreciate the help. The logistics of putting out all the controls each week is too complicated to without volunteer assistance.

Registration Info


All sessions in this program are aimed at intermediate to advanced orienteers.

Participants will be expected to be comfortable navigating off trail for an entire forest orienteering course.


$100 for the entire 10 week program. $15 per training session.

These prices do not include registration at the AOA camp nor at the Alberta Champs. The $100 10 week fee does include coaching at both of these events.


Registration for the full 10 week program is being handled through zone4 via the button below. If you are wanting to sign up for individual sessions because you can’t attend the full program please do so via the individual session pages via the club calendar.

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