Organizer: Marion O (Event Director)

Map: Nose Hill South - Brisebois

Well, the forecast has changed - :( - remember a rain coat/jacket and/or umbrella!

Fifth of a 6-week adult orienteering program.

Please contact Marion O for more information

We will be meeting at the Brisebois parking on the south side of Nose Hill. Please note that parking is limited there but you can park on the south side of John Laurie Blvd and cross via the pedestrian overpass. 

We will be working on contours (again!) and also 'aiming off'. Marsha and Eileen will be the other coaches.

Try and come early (6:15) if you can, and remember that you need to check back in by 8pm (even if you haven't finished your course! We don't want to do any unnecessary searches... As of Monday night, the forecast has improved (sun!) - but you might want to bring bug spray, and also full leg and arm cover.

Hope to see you all there!



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