2017 FWOC Board of Directors

Position Name Phone Other E-Mail

Past President
Eduard Spelier (403) 889-4522 pastpresident@orienteeringcalgary.ca
Treasurer Mardy Roberts (403) 246-8246
(403) 240-6433 treasurer@orienteeringcalgary.ca
Secretary Marsha Fehr

VP Tech AssistantBob MacDonald
VP Technical Vacant
VP Mapping
Don Bayly

Membership Mauricio Estevez membership@orienteeringcalgary.ca
Junior Development* Adrian Zissos junior@orienteeringcalgary.ca
Volunteers Vacant volunteer@orienteeringcalgary.ca
Member at Large Stirling McMillan

Member at Large Vacant
Club Coach Damian Konotopetz coach@orienteeringcalgary.ca

*Junior program inquiries should be directed to one of the two staff below.

Junior Programs

Position Name Phone E-Mail
SOGO 1 & 2 Head Coach Bridie Price
Program Coordinator Deanne Stephen (403) 467-9153 deanne@sogoadventurerunning.com

Email Updates

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O-West Mailing List
If you're interested in goings on around the region, subscribe to the O-West list as well (or by email). This list has info about events and such in Alberta, BC, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon.

General inquiries

By Email: info@orienteeringcalgary.ca

Corporate / Teambuilding events
By Email: teambuilding@orienteeringcalgary.ca

Specific inquiries
Please contact the appropriate club officer.