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FWOC Board of Directors:

Position Name
President Vital Mialeshka
Treasurer Marion Owen
Secretary Suzanne Boyd
Vice-President Jean MacNaughton
VP Events (Technical) Marsha Fehr
VP Junior Development* Charlotte MacNaughton
VP Mapping
Don Bayly
VP Technology vacant
VP Membership Development Lena Cordell
Volunteer Coordinator vacant
Past-President Tim McLaren

*Youth program inquiries should be directed to staff below.

Junior and Youth Programs:

Position Name E-Mail
SOGO Program Coordinator Susie Materi
[email protected]
SOGO@School Coordinator
[email protected]

Foothills Orienteering Club Committees:

Committees run on a yearly basis and are appointed by the Board following the Annual General Meeting. Members can opt out or new members appointed as suits their / the committee’s needs. Foothills Orienteering members can apply to the Board to join committees. The President is a de factor member of each committee.


Current Members

Date Established
& Mandate

Adult Training Committee

Marsha Fehr

Finley Brandeth

Teresa Winn

January 2015 - present


  1. Develop and review training programs for adult newcomers and veterans to the sport, included in this is Navigation 101, Intro Clinics (First Contact), Advanced Orienteering Training, and Officials Courses
  2. Ensure programs adhere to the LTAD guidelines.
  3. Track participants to determine success of introductory programs in attracting newcomers.

Communications and Promotions Committee

Marsha Fehr

Jean MacNaughton

Feb 2016 - present


  1. To coordinate the promotion of the sport of orienteering in Calgary.
    1. To increase participation in FWOC programs and events.
    2. To increase awareness of orienteering and the club.
    3. To develop (and increase) a media presence.
  2. To enhance communication within the club.
    1. To facilitate email communication to membership.
    2. To ensure social media content of the club is current.
    3. To establish a new email communication system. (Done)


Marsha Fehr

Teresa Winn

new members welcome

Feb 2017 - present

Mandate: Plan and maintain annual calendar of FWOC-organised orienteering events. Coordinate with SOGO committee, other committees, AOA and EOOC to create a combined annual calendar of events avoiding conflicts as much as possible.

a)Identify all orienteering events that affect our members including local, Sogo, provincial, national and international.

b)Place all the events on a single calendar posted on the web, hopefully color coded.

c)Identify gaps in the schedule where a new event could be planned.

d)Maintain a list of qualified event organizers, including qualifications.

e) (Assign) Seek Event Coordinators to each event.

f)Support Event coordinators in organizing their events.

Finance Committee


Casino Liaison


Feb 2017 - present

Mandate: Create and maintain a set of financial policies by which the spending of FWOC money is governed. New policies must be approved by the FWOC BOD.

Junior Development Committee

Charlotte MacNaughton

Jean MacNaughton

David Roberts

Eduard Spelier

Feb 2014 -present

(Formerly know as JDP Committee)

Mandate: Create learning opportunities for youth to learn about all aspects of orienteering: running: endurance, speed, power, agility and navigation.

Mapping Committee

Don Bayly

Teresa Winn

Michael Svoboda

Clarence Kort

Marsha Fehr

2012 (?) - present


  1. Maintain, update, revise and otherwise manage maps, mapping permissions, OCAD files, and a mapping budget on a yearly basis.
  2. Assess areas for new maps, including research determining lidar availability, air photos and base maps and permissions.
  3. Organize mapping clinics.
  4. Supervise and support mappers.
  5. Coordinate with the AOA Mapping Committee in the development of new maps, esp around Calgary.

Participation and Competitive Development Committee

Jane Rowlands (chair)

Robin McLeod

new members welcome

July 2015


  1. (Done) To provide a new policy for the Board to approve by Oct 31, 2015, to include
    1. Nationally selected athletes
    2. Local participants
  2. (ongoing) To review yearly applications to policy and recommend allocation of funds.
Nominations Past President Solicit nominations for vacant Board of Director positions.