Organizers: Eduard Spelier (Organizer), Clarence Kort (Event Director)

Map: St Andrews / Hillhurst

Join us for an evening of fun at the St Andrew's Heights community hall - see map below.

An orienteering event will start the evening.  Come and run from 6:00pm - 7:00pm through St Andrew's Heights.  Keep an eye out for the surprise treats!

After the run, come and meet the new AOA Executive Director,  Bogi Gyorfi who will make a short presentation from 7:10-7:30.  Please join us in welcoming Bogi to orienteering in Alberta. We would like her to meet as many club members as possible.

The AGM meeting will  start at 7:30pm. On the agenda:

  • Reports on all aspects of the club
  • Plans for this year
  • Election of new board members (we'll get a new president)

Homemade soup and bread will be available post run and before the AGM.  Please bring a bowl and utensils so you don't miss out!

Anyone know where the rubber chicken has got to?



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