Organizer: Christin Lundgren (Event Director)

Map: St Andrews / Hillhurst

Thanks, Christin, for an enjoyable TNT! A challenge to those who haven't yet run it: Can you beat Oleg's time?

Results as of Saturday morning:

TNT #2 Results
Andrew M 36.52
Oleg T 45:16
Clarence K 45:50
Gabrielle S 49:04 8.11km
Adam 50'34 8.25
Marion O 51:35 7.27km
Teresa 58'00 7
Don B 59:05
Doreen K 1:07:23
Deborah K 1:07:23
Marsha F 1:21:19 8.36km
Geoff & Rebecca 1:44:00
Carmie C untimed
Tory M untimed
Jean M untimed
Lorraine and kids 1:30:00
Lizie D-S untimed
Lourdes untimed

As some people may still run the course, we are not yet revealing the answer to the tantalizing question, "What were the non-fire hydrants controls?"!

Most recent update to TNT status:

As most of you will know, the Alberta Government has instituted new safety rules (closures) regarding the COVID pandemic today effective Friday. Our terrific Executive Director of Alberta Orienteering, Bogi, has been in touch with Sport Calgary who have indicated that "all levels of sport" are closed for "in-person service". This means that for the next three weeks the TNTs have a slightly different look.

  1. We will still provide a course every Friday.
  2. We will email a pdf of the course so that you can print it. (Check your email as this has been sent.) We are not allowed to have people come to our yards to pick up a map. You can, therefore, go out anytime.
  3. If you can not print a map, please let me (Marsha), know and we will print one for you.
    1. This week I will park at the nearest community centre (West Hillhurst) and leave them on my windshield from 2-3pm on Friday while I am on the course.
    2. In future weeks I hope to mail them to you, so you must email me to give me your mailing address if you need me to print one for you.
  4. There will be no check in or check out, You are doing this independently as that is allowed under the guidelines.
  5. When you are done, email your time to me so I can collate the results and post them:)
  6. We will post on the web page the correct answers to the challenge from this week.
  7. If you'd like to participate in a zoom call about the results or just to chat every week, we are happy to accommodate that but would need some feedback to that effect.
  8. We'd love to know if you went out on the course so even if you didn't self-time, please let us know if you participated:)

Here is the information from the organizer of this week's TNT (Christin):

Park at West Hillhurst Community Association. The start / finish is the fire hydrant on 8th Ave adjacent to 19th Street NW. All but 3 controls are on fire hydrants. The whole course is approximately 6km; those who want to make it shorter can cut off at different points. For example, you can skip #5 and go down the stairs to #6 and also omit #10 and go across the field to #11

Fire Hydrant #2 challenge: Three controls are on a different feature, NOT a fire hydrant, which ones and what is the feature?

Please remember to respect all COVID 19 rules as outlined previously and any new ones explained by the Provincial Health Officer at this time, including

  1. Complete the FWOC COVID 19 waiver today;
  2. If you are sick, please stay home.
  3. Maintain social distance from all other participants outside your immediate family who you might see on the course or in the parking lot.

This is the second event of the TNT Series. To simplify the process, we are asking members to sign up for the series. We plan to offer between 10 and 13 sessions. You must register and pay for the series in advance. You will receive an email (from [email protected]) regarding the exact location each week. No onsite registration or membership signup will be provided.


Sign up now:

MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION: Each participant must be a member (including each member of a family orienteering together); you can purchase a 2020 Foothills Orienteering membership. You will be asked to renew your membership before the January sessions begin.

On the day of the event:

Here is what you need to do as early as possible on the day of the event (but continue to monitor your health throughout the day and do not attend if you are feeling unwell):

  1. Submit a completed Individual Declaration of Health for each attendee (only valid for the day the form is submitted). You can also find this form on
  2. Read the guidelines for participation in Foothills Orienteering Club Events during pandemic. Important points in these guidelines include:
    • If you have any COVID-19 symptoms or have had close contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days, stay home.
    • Practice physical and social distancing including 2m separation from people not within your family or cohort.
    • Bring your own supplies including water and hand sanitizer as none will be provided.
    • Eliminate contact with communal surfaces at the start and finish areas.
    • Please be sure to follow basic personal hygiene rules and wash/sanitize your hands before and after being on a course.
  3. Remember that everyone sees the risks and rewards of outdoor sport during a pandemic differently, so please err on the side of caution and help ensure that everyone at the event (especially the general public) is comfortable with the measures you are taking to ensure physical distancing and personal hygiene.



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