Organizer: Tim McLaren (Course Planner)

Map: Nose Hill Central - 14th Street

Thanks for everyone who came out to our first Mass Start event in a while. It was so fun seeing everyone together.

Huge thanks to everyone who pitched in to do the check-in (Lena), downloads (Adam and Geoff), collect controls (Oleg, Rebecca, Adam, Geoff, Owen, Kath), Marion, Rebecca, Geoff, and Kath with helping lug everything down the hill and especially Marion lugging a lot of the stuff up the hill. Also, many people pitched in to help with putting out or taking in the start controls, David, Don, and many others I'm forgetting. All the offers to pitch in were greatly appreciated.

As for results, I gave the sheet to Marion by mistake, so the following is a bit of guesswork based on the extra controls that were recorded on your SI stick. Feel free to send corrections or feedback to [email protected].

Important: Instructions for this race starts will be at 7pm sharp at the top of the hill (see map below) and this mass start race will start immediately after the instructions. It's a really fun and social format, so please come out!

See the maps below for parking and check-in (which is at the Start Triangle).

Unlike most Wednesday nights, this is a mass start event, so we ask that you check-in between 6:30pm-6:50pm at the tower at the top of the hill next to the Start (see the parking map below). Everyone will start at the same time shortly after instructions are given at 7pm at the Start. If you are late, you might be allowed to start time permitting, but you will have a hard time catching up. There is also a regular 1.5km Beginner course with most controls on paths if you pre-register for the Beginner course. However, the peg race is beginner-friendly as long as you know how to use a compass to return to the Start/Finish at south-east end of the hilltop (underneath a tall radio tower).

This night's race is a handicapped mass start peg (clothespin) race using SI sticks for timing (we have loaners). The fastest runners will end up having to go the furthest, so even if you are slow, you may end up at the finish at around the same time. This is a really fun format if you enjoy the mayhem of people of all speeds and abilities running a course together.

As with all orienteering courses, if you run out of time, you must cut your course short and be back at check-in by the closing time. Otherwise, we will assume you are hurt or lost and start calling emergency phone numbers and looking for you.

You will have to register for the event before 9am on the day of this event. We may have a few extra maps for late registrants.

  • You will need to be a 2022 member of Foothills Orienteering (FWOC) or another Canadian orienteering club.
  • We hope to have the course on Maprun6 so you can run a non-peg version of the course anytime.

Parking: The upper parking (P on the map below) lot is quite small so if it is full you will need to park further down the hill (P2).
Please allow time for 5 to 20 minutes walk uphill to the check-in/Start (400-800m walk with 40-60m elevation gain) from parking.

Course Length of Peg Race is 3km (as crow flies) if you don't get any pegs, up to 4.2km (as crow flies) if you get them all.

Beginner Course is 1.4km mostly on paths.

We suggest arriving by 6:30pm to park and to walk 5-20 mins to the top of the hill for the check-in and race instructions.

Peg Race Format:

This will be explained at the mass start at 7pm. But if you are curious, you visit each control in numerical order like a regular race but the goal is to collect the most clothes pegs (up to one per control) before finishing the course. If there is a tie in the number of pegs collected, the faster finish time wins. If you collect a peg from a control, clip it to your shirt and you then have to visit an extra control indicated with a dashed line on the map. If there are no pegs left at a control, you go to the next control indicated by a solid line (skipping the dashed-line extra control).

For example, Speedy Jill is one of the first people to arrive at Control 2 and there are still pegs left, so she takes one, clips it to her shirt, punches Control 2 and proceeds to Control 3 (which is an extra control as indicated by the dashed-line). After punching Extra Control 3, she heads to Control 4. However, Steady Jack gets to Control 2 later and there are no pegs left, so he punches Control 2 and proceeds to the regular Control 4. Now Steady Jack might be ahead of Speedy Jill and he has a better chance of collecting a clothes peg at one of the later controls.



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