The orienteering will be at the Talisman Centre this week. There will be 4 sprint courses mostly on paths and open vegetation.

No need for O shoes - runners will do.

Safety note: the courses have been planned to avoid the access road off Macleod Trail and parking lot. Registration is 50m SW of the southern entrance and courses open at 6:30pm. All courses close at 8pm sharp! Be sure to bring your watch, wistle and compass!

Course Planner: Carl Pryce

JDP binders that have not been picked up will be available at the Juniors desk. 

Coaching will go from 7:00 - 7:30 for Forest Frogs, Marsh Monkeys and Mud Monsters.  Compass Crusiers and Beep Trolls will run courses first and have coaching at 7:30.

Snacks will follow.

Volunteer sign up for this event and others can be found - 



Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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