Organizers: Teresa (Event Director), Marion O (Controller), Karen Martino (Course Planner)


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Prairie Opener Update (28/04/13)

Course planners have been out preparing some great courses and assure me that Rumsey is as beautiful as ever.
This update contains updates on directions, distances to the start finish, course planners notes and important safety information.
Registration:  You must register by Wednesday May 8, so we can print your map. Registration is easy - simply the green register button for the course you want to do and follow the instructions.  Families can enter through one account - go to the "register others" button. 
Payment: will be taken at the event (cash or cheque).  Adults $10, Kids $5 up to a $30 family maximum.  You must have an orienteering club membership to take part in this event.
Directions and parking - VERY IMPORTANT INFO
Please carpool as we have very limited space for parking.  Allow enough time for the ~1km walk to the start.
Parking to registration: 1km
Registration to start: 50m
Registration to finish: 75m
From Calgary - Highway 2 north to Olds, east on Hwy 27.  At T-junction (Hwy 21) north for 3km, East on Hwy 585 at Trochu.  At T-junction (Hwy 56) north for 9.6km.  Township Road 344(East) (right) to SL Ranch. 2 Hours.
From Edmonton - Highway 2 south to Innisfail, east on Hwy 590.  Cross MacKenzie Crossing Bridge, to Hwy 56.  South for 9.5km .  Township Road 344(East) (left) to SL Ranch. 3 Hours.
(PS Many Edmontonians find the best route to Rumsey is via Camrose and Stettler, using Hwys 21 & 56 - picturesque and just as fast as via QEII (about 2.5hrs). 
There will be an orienteering flag/sign at the junction of Hwy 56 and Township Road 344.
When you reach the ranch buildings turn south (right) on the dirt track and turn left over a cattle grid.  There are COWS and young CALVES here - YOU MUST DRIVE VERY SLOWLY.  If calves jump up they can take off in any direction!! Continue on this track up the hill, crossing another cattle grid and park on the side of the road - watch for signs. It will depend on how wet the ground is. You will see the tall FWOC banner.  There are no cattle in the parking area.
To reach the start, continue on foot along the same track for ~1km.  You will cross a cattle grid just after leaving the parking area.  There are cattle in this area.  You will find registration on the right, just after crossing a second cattle grid.  There may be muddy spots on the track.  It is navigable with a chariot-type stroller, not a regular stroller. We are not permitted to drive on this road.
What to bring 
Whistle.  You must carry a whistle.  There will be whistles for sale at registration for $1.
Watch.  You must have a watch to go out on a course.
SI timing stick.  Bring an si timing stick if you have one, or borrow one at registration. 
Water. There will be no water on course and limited water at the start/finish area.  BRING YOUR OWN WATER and a means of carrying it on your course if you think you might need it.
Clothing.  There is little shelter at Rumsey.  Bring rain/sun protection and dry gear to change into.  Wear long pants/gaiters.
Something to sit on at the start/finish area.
Food.  Light refreshments will be provided.  Please bring your own lunch.
Course Planners Comments

Course Planners Notes - Rumsey Spring Opener 2013

The snow is melting quickly out at Rumsey and even a few prairie crocuses have bloomed!  We are hoping that there will be minimal snow by May 12.  Even with the snow gone however, expect water in low lying areas and marshes.  Some areas may be wetter than we experienced while course setting with the snow melting!  While Rumsey is largely an open grasslands area, new comers beware!  It is tricky terrain where mistakes can easily be made if you lose contact with the map.  The terrain is great for running, but don’t run faster than you can navigate!!! 


There will be cattle grazing in areas on courses 3, 4 and 5.  Please give all cattle the right of way and a wide berth when possible.  Many will have new calves and can be quite protective!   Courses 1 and 2 are set within a fenced area where there are no cattle present.  Participants on these two courses will not have to cross any fences.  There may be a few small calves that have managed to get under the fence near to the finish so be aware and avoid them.  Running up to them may scare them and they may get caught up in the fence trying to get back to the other side.   Course 1 and 2 are harder than a typical Wed. night course 1 and 2 in a city park.  Participants on course 2 need to be able to orient their maps and read contour features other than trails! There will be flagging along some sections of course 1 as they do not follow distinct trails.  You should follow this flagging if your course directs you to.


Be aware that there are many extra well travelled “animal trails” that are not shown on the map!  Courses 3, 4 and 5 will all have fence crossings.  Please roll under fences!  There will be no water on any courses. 


This is a truly beautiful area of Alberta that not many people get to see, so I hope we see lots of new faces out there on May 12! 


Karen Martino


Map.  The map was updated in 2012 by Brian Chubb.  All courses will be printed at 1:10 000

Safety Bearing: east to road or fence
Time limit: 3 hours
You must report back to the finish by 3pm or 3 hours after you started (whichever is earlier), whether or not you have finished your course.
There is some cell phone coverage, usually is ok on hill tops.


Yes, it is that time of year again.  The snow is (was until recently!) gradually receding from the knobs and kettles at Rumsey and some great courses are being planned for you to enjoy!

This year Karen Martino will be setting courses, and Marion Owen will be controller.  We will be on the newly updated part of the map used for the Western Canadian Orienteering Championships in August 2012.

Registration will open in the week of April 15th and will close on May 8th.  Please register for a map.

On-the-day registration will be from - 9:30am Courses open from - 10am

We are still looking for help with a few things please contact Teresa if you would like to help out - you will still be able to run a course of course!

  • Timing - position filled
  • Refreshments (purchase refreshments and bring them to the event.  Expenses will be reimbursed.) - position filled
  • Someone who would like to camp up there with the organisers and help with set-up - position filled
  • On-the-day registration (help at the registration desk - if you can be there early (?sh) and don't mind a later run (maybe noonish - but we would be flexible))
  • As always - control pick-up (if you don't mind staying a bit later.  This is a fantastic way to make the best use of your gas AND improve your orienteering skills!)


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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