Organizer: Teresa (Event Director)


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Thank you

Thank you to all the competitors and volunteers who came out on such a snowy blustery day.  I think most people were surprised how warm they got running through the snow.  We had 52 people in total at the event, 46 on courses, 32 Track Attack kids and family members, 13 volunteers.  Many of the kids tried more than one course with their parents.  Eleven orienteers tried the advanced memory course - with only 22 seconds between the top three finishers!

Thank you Volunteers:

Gabrielle, Justine, David, Greg, Jonathan, Eileen, Alix, Sylvestre, Deanne, Karen, Jane and Sarah


A great opportunity to enjoy a bit more fall orienteering before the snow flies!

This event will start at noon. Following the event will be FWOC's annual planning meeting. See Meeting Event.

Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Courses.  The advanced course will be a memory-O (see explanation below).

Courses open from 12pm to 2pm (if you want to orienteer later, you are welcome to come and help pick up controls at 2pm)

Please RSVP [email protected] for a map (so I know how many to print), stating if you would like a beginners, intermediate or advanced course map.

Memory-O is a regular orienteering course, but instead of getting a map with the whole course printed, there is a map snippet at each control showing that control and the next two.  The idea is to memorise the route to the next control.  Maps will be available for participants on the memory course, to take as a back-up should they wish.

There will be electronic timing (bring your si stick, if you have one)

What else to bring:

long pants/gaiters, shoes with grip (it could be icy/slippery), water/drink, money for an annual FWOC membership, if you don't have one ($10 individual, $20 family - valid until the end of 2014)



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