Organizers: Nicki Rehn (Event Director), JP Buysschaert (Event Director)

Run the Wild has been postponed until September 28. Late snow has impacted the calving season in the Bow Valley and no events can take place in June.

Hey there Wild Things.......

Run the Wild is back in 2014 and we are heading to the Bow Valley. Make sure you set aside Sunday the 22nd of June to come and enjoy some great maps, plenty of bush-whacking, some big climbs, and the usual Run the Wild shenanigans.

The website has been updated so you can check there for times and such.

It is still $80 for a team of two, which includes an awesome 6 hour course with multiple maps, great swag, prizing, and the infamous Run the Wild pasta salad with a side of choc mint brownie.

Registration opens on Monday 31 March at 8.00 am. Entries WILL sell out so get in early. The link will be up on the website soon.

Looking forward to the fun times (I think we have more fun that you guys do.....if that is possible!).

Nicki (for JP, Jen, Joe and Christina)


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