Organizers: Teresa (Organizer), Kitty Jones (Organizer), Sylvestre Charles (Organizer)

NEW! we are approaching our maximum number of participants, please contact [email protected] to secure a spot.

Ever wondered how our maps are actually made?  Here is your chance to find out hands-on.  We are offering a beginners' mapping clinic on June 7th.  It will be held at Bowmont Park and the Silver Springs Community Centre.  You will get to learn how to do fieldwork as well as how to transfer draw this on the computer, using map drawing software OCAD.

We are planning a follow-up clinic on July 19th. in July.

Please contact Teresa Winn [email protected] if you are interested in attending, or for more information.

Look out for our mapping info table at the Confederation Park event on Wednesday May 14th.



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