Organizers: Bill Jarvis (Event Director), Eileen Charles (Course Planner)

Thank you so much to everyone that made the drive out to Rumsey!! It was great to see so many people enjoying the orienteering and the beautiful day. Some great times were posted! Click on the link to view them. (Class 1 = course 1, ....class 5 = course 5, class 6 = course 3b)


***NEW INFO MAY 10 **

Online Registration is now closed. We've printed very limited spare maps on each course but should be able to find a way to fit you in. Contact Bill for more info via registration link to right.


From Calgary: Hwy 2 North to Olds, East on Hwy 27. At T-junction (Hwy 21), North for 3km, East on Hwy 585 at Trochu. Cross Tolman Bridge, continue to T-junction (Hwy 56), turn north for 9.6 km. Township Road 344 (right) to SL Ranch. (2.5 hours)

From Edmonton: Hwy 2 South to Innisfail, East on Hwy 590. Cross Mackenzie Crossing Bridge, to Hwy 56. South for 9.5 km (3.2 km south of Hwy 589). Township Road 344 (left) to SL Ranch. (3 hours)


Course 4 and 5 will have a water control half way through, and there is limited water at the finish. If you tend to stay out long, please carry extra water with you on the course.

Bring your own food and snacks for after your race as we don't plan on making a Costco run for this event.


Courses have been set, controls have been checked.

Rumsey is a great opportunity to do some early season forest orienteering. There will be 5 courses, with something for all abilities. Families, juniors, beginners, and experienced orienteers alike will find a suitable challenge in one of these courses. If you are new to orienteering, consider running with a friend and/or an experienced orienteer 'shadowing' you.

Here are a description of the courses:

course1 is 2.5 km, easy orienteering.
course 2 is 3.5 km, easy orienteering, some controls off handrails. Need to read vegetation and contours.
course 3 is under 5 km, moderately difficult orienteering
course 4 is 6 km, difficult orienteering
course 5 is 9 km, difficult orienteering



TIME LIMIT: 3hours (start close to noon if you are on a long course)



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