This is an informal Training Event. All members are welcome to join! 

Format: O-tervals (Orienteering Intervals - a series of very short courses run as a group) Pin flags only, no timing.

Goal: practice your sprint starts, orienteer at a faster pace than you normally would, and simulate running with other competitors around.

Exercise: In groups of 3-4 people of similar speeds, begin on the first map. You will complete a short course with forking. Wait for your group at the finish. Jog slowly to the next starting point. When everyone is recovered, begin the next interval. Complete as many intervals as you like!

If you are not interested in doing the exercise as intervals in groups, you are still welcome to come join us and do the courses at your own pace! The controls will be marked with a yellow and an orange pin flag at each location. The series of short courses and nature of this map make this a suitable place to bring children.

Time: Meet at Riley Park at 6:00. We'll warm-up around Riley Park so that late comers can find us. Around 6:20 we can make groups and start the exercise. Course closes at 7:30PM.

Cost: Bring $2 for a map.

Please register by signing up on this page. You must register to ensure there is a map for you!


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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