Organizer: Marion O (Organizer)

Map: Nose Hill South - Brisebois

Let's meet at the Brisebois parking lot for a little jaunt on Nose Hill. Be prepared for some climb :) and I advise studs or at least runners with an aggressive tread. Packed trails but pockets of snow and some windslab. Unfortunately there won't be much light from the moon, but maybe some reflected light from the city. I will update distances etc later, so check back.

Afterwards, who would like to meet at Pelican Pier? (please register for that as well as which course you would like to do) Those who are finished early could go and grab a table - and can always re-hydrate whilst waiting for the slowpokes... Of course, there's always an option to just meet us there!

The Pelican Pier website says it closes at 8:30 but I just called in and spoke to Lindsay (the owner) and he says it is open till 9pm on Tuesday -Thursday. So we want to get there asap, and maybe if you are late you will only be able to get a drink, not fish and chips!


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