Organizers: Karen Martino (Event Director), Clarence Kort (Assistant)

Updated Info. for the Fish Creek Traverse Sat. March 21-updated Thurs. March 19

Well the big day approaches for the long awaited return of the Fish Creek Traverse!  The plan listed below for Car Pooling from Andree's house is still in place as is the Chili and socializing afterwards.Don't forget to bring your appetizer/snacks.Please arrive on time (11:00 am) so we can sort out car shuttles and get people to the start of the course and on their way!If you are not going to make it to Andree's place for 11:00 then I need to know so contact me at 403-613-4982 or via email at [email protected]!!!!!

Now for some important notes about the event:

1)It looks like our warm "spring" weather will not stay around for Sat. so it may be a little cooler and with some white stuff on the ground!Dress accordingly and bring clothes to change into after the event.

2)There still may be some ice in places so be very careful especially if snow falls and covers the ground so you can't see the ice!I don't think spikes are necessary as most of the terrain is snow/ice free.

3)You are responsible for carrying your own food and water for the event.

4)You will be receiving 6 maps for the event (luckily on 3 sheets of paper, back and front).The maps are labeled 1 thru 6 and are all overlapping with at least the last control from one map appearing as the first control of the next map.

5)The further east you go, the more outdated the maps there may be new paths, new ponds, new features, you name it and it could be there....just not showing on your old, outdated maps!This is what I call...Adventure Orienteering!So be prepared to look around for distinct features that are on your map.

6)Map 4 is a "street map" and is not from OCAD.This is a very rough map and note that all of the streets are not marked on your map....kind of Orienteering by instinct so to speak!

7)Also note on Map 4 that I kind of screwed up and forgot to put in a control #19, so it goes #18 to #20 in the order.Surprise!

8)Not all of the map scales are the same, so pay attention!

Now for some safety issues:

1)We ask everyone who goes out to have a charged cell phone with them.My cell number is on every map in case of emergency.Please call if you need help.

2)Remember the flood of 2013 resulted in significant changes to the rivers course and little of this area has been remapped.I have tried to keep the course away from the river as much as possible.

3)It is mandatory that you cross the main Fish Creek only on the bridges please... no running across the main creek even if you think you have found a crossable spot!!!

4)Have fun and enjoy your navigating/run through Fish Creek Park!

Karen Martino

After a short delay (change in date!) the Fish Creek Traverse Course has been planned and we are ready to go for Sat. March 21! Looks like conditions will be good if the weather holds for us! The trails are drying out nicely, but that also means the marshes streams are “thawing”. Be prepared for wet feet! It is still icy in some places on trails especially in the trees, but this could change over the next week with the warm weather this weekend.

Due to map issues (out dated map) there will be a section that brings you out of Fish Creek and into a bordering neighborhood so there may be some street running J. This is about a 2 km section only. The total length…..looks like 17 km+ depending upon your “route choices”! We will be starting in the west at Shannon Terrace then working your way to the east, finishing with the Sikome Lake map at the home of Andree Powers/Bill Jarvis in Lake Mackenzie area, 116 Cascade Place SE.

So here is the plan…we need everyone to meet at Andree’s place at 11:00 am Sat. morning. We will organize efficient car-pooling over to the Shannon Terrace Entrance (Furthest West) of Fish Creek. We hope to start people heading out on the map by 12:00 noon. We will arrange a car pool back to get cars at the end as needed. Andree is planning on Chili, buns, pop and juice and people are asked to bring snacks/appetizers and beer!

As there are several different overlapping maps that need to be printed (5-6), please sign up on the website as soon as possible so we can get an idea of numbers. We hope to print maps on Wed. so don’t delay!  $10 ($5 juniors).


Course Maps

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