Organizers: David Campden (Assistant), Carl Pryce (Event Director)

Unfortunately THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED due to not having a permit issued by Parks. Future data TBA

Courses: There will be 4 courses on offer:

  • Course 1: on trails, 12 controls, 1.5 km long
  • Course 2: mostly on trails, some controls off trail, 12 controls, 2.5 km long
  • Short technical: 16 controls, 4.4 km long
  • Long technical: 18 controls, 5.9 km long

Courses open at 12.00 pm and close at 3.00 pm.

Please sign up to the right-hand side. Signing up beforehand is not mandatory, but helps us know how many maps to print.

Cost: Pay at the event (bring exact change if possible) $10 for Adults, $5 for youth.

Directions & parking: Drive 2.3 km up the Moose Mountain road (driving west, turn right off Hwy 66, 0.7 km after the entrance to Paddy’s Flat campground).There is an open area on your left where you can park and register for the event.

What to Bring: The weather forecast is looking like it could be wet so bring something dry to change into after running. But it could also be warm and sunny, so make sure you bring your water, sunscreen, and a snack in a backpack and bring it to the registration/finish area. The start is approximately 200 m from the registration/finish area.

Washrooms: We'll have a portable toilet at the registration/finish area for “emergencies” only.Please use the toilets at Allen Bill (Pond) parking lot before heading up to the registration/finish area.

(We’ve been a bit delayed by the process of getting permission from the relevant authorities).

Hoping you can come and have a fine run in the forest!

Carl & David


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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