Organizer: Marion O (Organizer)

Meet at 2028 8th Ave NW for fun orienteering course followed by some Swedish Christmas goodies from our hosts! Please remember: NO SPIKES/STUDS on their wooden stairs! With the warmer temps, probably don't need studs anyway - but I haven't been out to check yet.

I've designed a 6.1k course which is 3 loops. It is on a 1:7500 map. I will have different maps so that you don't all do the same loop first!! So, it would be good to have a mini mass start for those interested :)  And, of course, if you decide after one loop that you've had enough - no one will know! They will just think you're fast!!

There will also be a short regular course which is 2.4k on a 1:5000 map.

And a medium course of 4.1k on a 1:7500map!


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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