Organizer: Teresa (Organizer)

Ski or Run or both for a Winter Duathlon.

Park in the parking lot on 26th St SW.  Meet at the golf-course clubhouse, inside the fence.

Start from 5pm.  You must finish by 8pm.

Bring a headlamp, a toonie, a watch.


Ski-orienteering will be a score event using an air photo map with ski trails marked.  Find as many points as possible within the time limit, choose your own route.  ALL groomed trails (trackset with a skate lane) will be marked with a solid line.  SOME (but not all) skier-set narrow trails will be marked with a dashed line.  Controls will be reflective blue pin flags or the ski-trail signs at official junctions.

Distance to find all controls will be 6-8km. 

Snow conditions were excellent on Monday morning.  Hopefully it won't get too warm and they will hold-up for Wednesday evening. 


The run will be around 4km using a standard orienteering map.  You will encounter some steep hills (down and up), potentially deep snow and ice.  Shoes with studs/cleats recommended.  Controls can optionally be omitted if you want to keep to the trails.  The start to the first control and the finish to the last control will take you across the golf course.  Do not run on groomed ski trails.

NOTE: C-Train Station is right here - the perfect event for transit users!


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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