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Organizers: Teresa (Event Director), Andree Powers (Assistant), Marion O (Assistant)

TUESDAY UPDATE: Trails were mostly very muddy and slick this afternoon.  Wear orienteering shoes or similar if you have them.  Wildlife spotted this afternoon: 1 feral bunny (I think), 2 coyotes, one white-tailed deer and some prairie crocus/i.  High visibility in the forest with the lack of leaves.  Some of the green bits are quite easily passed through, others are thick - but you can usually see what you are letting yourself in for before you dive in.  Have fun on Wednesday if I don't see you!

Enjoy one of our best orienteering areas in the city and a beautiful park.

Thank you to Marion and Andree for helping out with this training event.  They will be there handing out the maps and checking you out and in again.

Extra: SavetheSlopes is running a 'card-a-councillor' campaign.  I will try to have some sets of cards available on Wednesday. 

Course:  There will be one course suitable for all - a "score" course where you try to visit as many checkpoints as possible in any order in a given time limit.

Scoring: Time limit will be 50 minutes.  There will be 18 controls worth 10, 20 or 30 points.  Penalty will be -10 points per minute over the time limit.  The challenge is to maximise your points by planning the best route.  Getting all controls within the time limit will be challenging - this should make your route planning all the more interesting.  As an added twist there will be a bonus 30 points for visiting all FIVE car wreck controls!  

REGISTER! here (on the right side of this page) as soon as you can please!!!!

Course Closes: 8pm

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