Organizer: Marion O (Event Director)

Sixth of a 6-week adult orienteering program.

Some interesting courses have been planned for this week in Fish Creek Park, at the south end of 24th St SW. The map has had some updates since the 2013 floods, but be prepared to interpret!. The creek is shown as uncrossable - so DON'T attempt to cross it except at the bridges. The courses are designed that the bridge is the obvious crossing point. This map is a lot more complicated than any we have been on so far! Remember the basics - orient your map either with the features or a compass, and read the features. Plan ahead, simplify (i.e. pick out the obvious features) and don't run faster than your map reading ability :)

We will be doing some relocation this week. It would be good if you could read the relevant page in your binder. Be prepared to get lost! Well, at least disorientated :)

Also, do let me know if there is something else you would like to go over.

This week is National Orienteering Week (NOW), so do bring a friend. There will be no charge for the friend - they will just have to sign the waiver. There will be experienced people around who can give a quick beginner's clinic - but now that you are all beyond the basics, you can do it!!

Please contact Marion O for more information



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