Organizers: Adrian Zissos (Organizer), Remo Madella (Coach)

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PRESENTATION SLIDES - PDF Format (260 KB)  You can download presentation slides to better follow the video.

To help prepare, you might be interested in reading this interview with Remo

Remo Madella has been hired by the club to update a number of maps in and around Calgary. Remo will talk about his projects and about the technology and methodology that he uses for mapping. In particular he will talk about the modern way of doing fieldwork with a tablet and GPS that speeds up work and improves accuracy.

Why should you attend?

  • If you are interested in making maps you can't miss this opportunity to see how world class mappers are doing their work and learning how you can use the latest techniques
  • As an orienteer, if you want to improve your map-reading and orienteering decision making (i.e. reduce errors, pick better routes, etc) then you will learn a lot about how maps are made, what decisions go into choosing which features are put on the map and which are left off, and how features are represented. This is a rare and valuable opportunity to hear it directly from the mapper.


Talisman Centre, Riverview Room

The Riverview room is at the north end of the Talisman Centre, on the entry level. There will not be any signs for the event - ask one of the staff if you can't find it.

Costs & Refreshements

There is no charge for this event. However we may order pizza in which case we'll share the costs of that.

Please bring your own drinks.

How to Prepare for the Seminar

Please come with questions in mind. To help prepare, you might be interested in reading this  interview with Remo

Remo's tools through the last decade


Course Maps

Remo presentation


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