Course Planner-Karen Martino     Meet Director/Controller-Eileen Charles  

**UPDATE!!!!  Sept. 29, 2015

Course Planners notes:  The Alkali Lake map was last used in 2006 and was updated at that time.  Since then changes have occurred mainly to the vegetation and trails.  We have made some minor updates-adding new trails, removing trees from previously "treed" areas, but our updates are minor and we did not update everything!  Let's just say the white forest is "thinner" in some areas than in others-greater "runability" perhaps!  Vegetation boundaries in some areas may not be exactly as shown.  There are lots of new animal paths that have not been put on the map and other distinct paths on the map have become "less distinct"!  Contours on the other hand have remained the same!  

We will have an "emergency" toilet facility set up at the event site but please stop in Wasa Lake to use the facilities before coming out to the event.  This will just make "clean up" by your event hosts a little easier!  

Karen and Eileen

Come out and enjoy more of that famous East Kootenay "runnable forest", this time on the seldom used Alkali Lake map just north of Wasa Lake.  Come stretch your legs after "Run the Wild" with this "point to point" orienteering event offering 4 different courses.  The fall weather in the East Kootenay's is often stellar for orienteering and did I mention the amazing "runnability" of the forest!  You are going to wish your legs were "fresher"!  Registration information coming soon so check back.  Starts will be from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm with course closing at 3:00 pm.  2 hour course maximum.  This will definitely be a "Barebones" style event!  Adults-$10   Children 16 and under-$5.  

Directions:  From Hwy 93 take the north Wasa Lake entrance (Wasa Lake Park Dr.) and turn onto the Wolf Creek Rd. heading north.  Follow this road (it becomes gravel very quickly) for about 5 km.  Just beyond the big right hand curve  turn left onto the Wasa Sheep Creek Rd.  Travel 5 km to the event parking area.  Start is about an 600 m walk from the parking area.  


Course Maps

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