Organizers: JP Buysschaert (Host), JP Buysschaert (Course Planner)

Start & Finish at the Simmon's building in the East Village. Start by 6pm. Last start 7pm
618 Confluence Way SE ( just past the east end of Riverfront Ave SE, OR between 5th & 6th Street SE, 1 block north of 6th Ave SE)

Explore the East Village and the pathways / points of interest on St Patricks Island that just reopened this past summer.  St. Patrick's Island has been completely revamped over the past few years - if you haven't seen it since it reopened you will not recognize it at all.
This event is a (modified) rerun of part of this year's UrbanO event created for Corporate Challenge, find as many of the trivia answers as you can, within the 75 minute time frame.   Headlamps a necessity for this event - to be able to find & read & write down the answers to the trivia questions.

Phil & Sebastian coffee in the Simmon's Building will be open until 9pm,  Sidewalk Citizen Bakery closes at 6pm - so if you want some of their tasty baked goods arrive before they close.


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