Organizer: Adrian Zissos (Host)

The club is using Google Drive and Google Docs more and more to share documents and allow many different people to edit and view them. We are using Google docs for the club Executive, for SOGO, and for organizing the 2016 COCs. The potential is great, but many are confused about what exactly these things do and how best to set them up.

In this brief tutorial Adrian will show you how to set up your computer(s) to access Google Drive and how to use Google Docs to work collaboratively.

Please bring a laptop or tablet

Price: Free

Location: Adrian's house: 1239 Colgrove Ave NE


In order to use Google Drive & Google Docs you will need a Google account and to have Google Drive installed on your computer.

Assignment 1: Create a Google account, if you haven’t already got one. Click here for instructions:

Assignment 2: Load Google Drive onto your Mac/PC computer. Click here for instructions:


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