Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.

Organizer: Teresa (Event Director)

Map: Carburn Park

Come and enjoy this lovely park with some interesting detail.  Longer courses will include the newer part to the south of this map re-made by Remo last year.  Watch out for mosquitos, especially in the long grass - bring protection, or simply out-run them!  Don't forget your water bottle.  We will meet in the picnic area on the south-west side of the parking lot.

Please sign up for a course, so we know how many maps to print.


  • Green - 1.4km - 13 controls - easy, all on trail
  • Short Blue - 2.4km - 13 controls- intermediate - controls on or close to trails, can stay in the park (off the streets)
  • Short Black - 2.9km - 16 controls - advanced - can stay in the park (off the streets)
  • Blue - 4.1km - 18 controls - intermediate - some street crossings
  • Black - 5.1km - 25 controls - advanced - some street crossings



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