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Organizer: Jane R (Event Director)

Map: Fish Creek - Bebo Grove

Results for Short Black are odd - not sure why.

This event is on the newly revised map of Bebo Grove - thanks Jeff. There is a good trail network and plenty of off trail features. The creek is not low but not high either, unless we get another dose of rain; there are creek crossing spots that are not too hard to find for the advanced courses. The easier courses are designed to use the bridges. 

There will be 4 courses:

C1 - green - Novice 1.8km

C2 - blue - Intermediate 2.8km

C3 - short black - advanced 2.6km

C4 - black - advanced 4.7km

For those who attended the Forest event here in June: you might occasionally get feelings of deja vue, especially if you were ever lost and retracing your steps!  This should make for interesting comparisons afterwards.

Please register for the event - it helps with guessing how many maps to print.

Look forward to seeing you, and I will always be grateful for any help with control pick up. Sign up here:



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