Map: Quarry Lake + CNC

This is the sixth session in the Advanced Technical Training program.

Training Exercise / Focus: careful or precision map reading

Description of session: line orienteering - follow the line and find report back where the flags are.

Meeting point: Meet in the Quarry Lake parking lot off Smith Dorrien Sray Trail (the road to the Nordic Centre).

Additional Comments:

The session will consist of 15-20 minutes of instruction at 10:30 prior to sending participants out onto the course for the training exercise. After the exercise, the coach will touch base with as many participants as possible to see how it went and provide them with specific comments and feedback based on their comments.

Anyone that wants to do a warm-up before the main exercise should arrive early and do their warm-up before 10:30.

The Advanced Technical Training program is a 10-week series consisting of 5 training sessions, 2 courses (treat as a race or a training session), the Alberta Champs near Edmonton, the AOA training camp near Sundre, and culminating with a ‘B-Meet’ or local event in Fish Creek Park.

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