The second mock race of the Pre-NAOC preparation series.

Start window will be between 6:30 and 6:50, and I will be there with the maps handing them out. 

As always it would be a good idea to assign yourself a specific start time (such as 6:43) and plan to start for that time. 

Also if you want, you can imagine a pre-start that is 4 min before your actual start time. So arrive at the prestart (which should be about 70m before the actual start [this would account for 4x 5m advancements the final one being the map pick up and then a 50m run to the start triangle] this also does not have to be exact) and execute the prestart routine.
Pre-start routine =
(-4min) first call up -> (-3) Clear / Check -> (-2) Control description -> (-1) hand on map -> (0) map flip
Optimally if you can, then time yourself with a GPS watch, most importantly lapping at each control location, this will simulate punching controls and be good for post-race analysis.

Times don't matter and if you want you can analyze your race afterwards or not. A good way to see if you are making progress and getting better is to follow your pace to see if it is increasing or decreasing in each race.

There ARE NO artificial fences and privately marked lawns on this map that differentiate from the real terrain in order to create more complexity in the race. 

So far no volunteers for putting out flags. Contact Michael if you would like to volunteer!

Above is a picture showing the route to the pre-start, which you might want to print out.


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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