Organizers: Teresa (Organizer), Marsha Fehr (Organizer)

Map: University of Calgary

Toonie Night Training

Open to Club Members - get your membership online

Cost: $2 drop-in fee or $10 for the season

Where to meet: meet at the Starbucks in Yamnuska Hall on 24th Avenue (see map)

Parking: paid parking at the University or street parking on the N. side of Underhill Dr. between Ulysses and Ulrich.

Course closing: 8pm (you must report back to the organiser and sign-in by 8pm)

Course: There will be a number of short loops with 2-4 controls.  Memorise each loop, returning to the meeting point each time to memorise the next one.  A map with all controls will be available for less experienced orienteers to take with them as a back-up.  

Practice simplifying the map to help you memorise each loop.  For more experienced orienteers and those who know the area well - treat each loop as an interval - you won't have a map to look at and slow you down.

Controls will be pin flags or cups with reflective tape to make them visible in the dark

What to bring: A headlamp or flashlight, reflective clothing.  A watch so you get back by 8pm and to record your time/splits if you like.


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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