Organizer: Marion O (Organizer)

A score O format in which you have to find as many snowmen as you can in 45 minutes. There will be some fire hydrants and one animal (he is a bonus!) Note the earlier start time! Nothing to punch, nothing to write - just memorize!

Forecast is for cold weather, but not actually snowing. So I have made the course a bit shorter. And there will be a big pot of soup waiting!! So I need you to sign up so I know how many maps to print, but more importantly, how much soup to make!! Likely vegetarian. Vegan Butternut squash and ginger soup already made and some hamburger tomato soup will be made tomorrow :)

It is still going to be COLD, i.e.FRIGID!!! So make sure you have plenty of layers! MITTS, HAT, SCARF, BUFF etc! And if you want to just do a token 1 or 2 controls and then come in for soup, that is ok as well :)

I decided the map from Google maps was hard to read - so have made a BRAND NEW MAP OF NORTH HAVEN AND ENVIRONS!!! Now it has not been totally (or even somewhat) field-checked, so be prepared for some interpretation!

I may add more details closer tomorrow, so check back!

If you don't know my address, send me an email:  m.owen001"at" gmail"dot"com  Or call 403-874-5098

North Haven is near the SE corner of Nose Hill

I will hang a control outside :)


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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