Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.

Organizer: Marion O (Organizer)

Courses have been set! ALL courses will involve climb but Course 1 (Green) will not cross the railway line or the road except for a short distance across the parking lot. There will be a memory option for the Double Black course. In this you will not carry a map. At each control there will be a map snippet showing the next leg. Memorize! If you can't find the next control you have to go back to the previous control and try again! This is only for the more advanced orienteers who have run on this map many, many times!

I have not booked a picnic site but plan on going to the one at the west end of the area (Site 2). If it seems to be occupied by non-orienteers, look around and find us! We should be close to the south parking lot. Of course, for those of you coming from the north, you can always park on the north side of the river and walk/jog across.

Today I spent a couple of hours at Edworthy (finishing with a decaf latte at Angel's!). I have made a few map corrections but vegetation changes with the seasons and is not totally accurate in places. Shoes with an aggressive tread would be good for the longer courses. There may be many dogs and mosquitoes... And did I mention there would be climb??

As always, please register (even if it is only a possibility that you will come) so I know how many maps to print!



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