Organizer: Damian Konotopetz (Coach)

Map: Mount Laurie


Forest navigation / orienteering skill development sessions in forests within a 75 minute drive of Calgary. Join us if you would like to orienteer in the forest more often. Each training session will consist of 15-20 minutes of instruction at 10 AM prior to sending participants out onto the course for the training exercise. Damian will try to touch base as each participant finishes the training to provide them with specific comments and feedback based on their comments.

The training exercises would often consist of loops and the coach would check in with the orienteers between loops to observe and provide advice on how to improve for the next loop. This also allows participants to do fewer or more loops depending on their fitness and technical ability. Other times there will be one long training with options to cut shorter for those who don't want the full distance.


  • 10 AM - Noon, 9 Sunday mornings starting April 16 except the Sunday of the long weekend in May.


  • Mount Laurie, compass bearings (see map below for the meeting location which is the parking lot on the South side of highway 1A across from the of Francis Cooke landfill)
  • Advanced 5.3km
  • Intermediate 2.6km
  • ****extra control descriptions will be available

For Whom?

Participants (16+) will be expected to be able to complete a course 4 on a Wednesday night event or be comfortable navigating off trail for an entire orienteering course by themselves.

How much does it cost and how do I sign up?

  • $15/session; pay on-site each session.
  • Sign up on each Sunday webpage so Damian knows how many maps to print.


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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