Organizer: Marsha Fehr (Organizer)

Map: Nose Hill (1:15,000)

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Thank you to all the volunteers that helped run a successful Wednesday night: Karen, Marion, Don, Marcus, Kitty, Mardy, Barbara, Gavan, Bob and Oleg and 3 young women whose names I didn't catch. It was great to see some new orienteers and new families trying the courses! The veterans had only good reports:) Results will be posted shortly!

Come on out to Nose Hill on Wednesday for a lovely run. The weather will be warm, and the evening beautiful. There will be 4 courses suitable for kids, adults and families, beginners, novices and experienced orienteers.

Berkeley Gate is on the NE part of Nose Hill, up 14th to the Berkeley Gate turn off. There are tons of flowers and maybe a few hills.

The parking is off 14 Street NW, heading north from 64 Ave NW.


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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