Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.

Organizers: Teresa (Organizer), Damian Konotopetz (Course Planner), Don Bayly (Controller)

Map: Elbow Bluffs

Thank you

Thank you to all the participants for coming out, and making it all worth while. Thank you for still smiling despite the heat.

Thank you also to the many many volunteers and helpers who helped this event happen and made it all the better. Some of them couldn't be at the event, others came but didn't get to run a course - a special thank you to those people!

Damian (Course Setting), Don (Controller, hanging controls, site set-up and take-down), Marsha (flagging control sites, hanging controls, snacks, picking up controls, start chief), Christin (safety chief, hanging controls, picking up controls, registration and site help), Barbara (site set-up and take-down, registration, snacks), Travis (control pick-up), Bob (permissions and control pick-up), Ktty (flagging control sites), Robin (snacks), Marion (map printing), Mauricio (shadowing), Deanne (freezies), Nathan and Chris (making shade), Ben (timing), the many many of you who helped carry stuff back to the parking - Thank you!

Updates Jun 20th

Kids and Shadowing
Children under 12 participating as an individual must be shadowed / accompanied (eg by a parent or coach) for safety reasons. If anyone would like to have a coach to shadow their child, please contact the organiser Teresa at [email protected], so that we can arrange to have enough coaches available.

Elbow  Bluffs 2017_06_20

Event Location

The event will be held on the Elbow Bluffs map. Access is via the Fullerton Loop trailhead (see map below). Parking is either at the Fullerton Loop parking (Ranger Creek Road) or directly across the highway in the Allen Bill parking. The assembly area/finish will be 1km walk on the Elbow trail from the Fullerton Loop parking. The trailhead will be marked with an orange and white orienteering flag and the route will be marked with flagging tape.

Assembly Area: 1km from Parking
Registration: at the Assembly Area
Start: 100m from Assembly Area
Finish: 100m from Assembly Area

Start Times 11am to 12pm
Registration 10:30am to 11:45am
Course Closure 2pm
Maximum Time allowed on course 2 hours

Kids on course 1: We will allow later starts for kids on course one, to enable shadowing. The course will still close at 2pm.


  1. Ensure you have your 2017 FWOC club membership.
  2. Choose a course and register on this page for a map by Thursday 22nd June
  3. Pay and sign the waiver on-the-day at the Assembly Area
Adults/Groups going together and sharing a map $15
Juniors $5
Shadowing is free!


Whistles All competitors must carry a whistle. Whistles will be for sale at registration for $2.

Safety Bearing West to road

Wildlife This is bear country. Be Bear Smart. Make lots of noise and consider carrying bear spray. For more information about Safety Around Wildlife go to the Alberta Parks website.

Other Trail Users Be courteous to other trail users. Be aware of cyclists.

Emergencies Dial 911 and ask for Kananaskis Emergency Dispatch

Cell Phone Coverage There is some cell phone coverage on the map

Closest Medical Services Foothills Hospital, Calgary and Cochrane Urgent Care Centre

Maximum Time allowed on course - 2 hours, course closure 2:00pm. All competitors must report to the download (at registration) at most 2 hours after starting their course or by 2:00pm, whichever is sooner

Water - There will be no water supplied at the event or on course - Please bring your own

What to Bring and Other Very Useful Information

  • bear spray
  • whistle (also available to buy at registration for $2)
  • watch
  • bug spray
  • money (cheque or cash) to pay for your race entry
  • food and drink. Bring enough water/drink and food for yourself
  • si timing stick if you have one (these will also be available to borrow at registration)
  • compass (also available to borrow at registration)
  • warm dry clothes and shoes to change into after your run

Washrooms - there there are no washroom facilities at the event site. Consider using the facilities at the Elbow Valley Visitors' Information Centre located on the north side of Highway 66, 5.5km past the Highway 22 intersection. It is scheduled to be open from 9am. Or there are also outhouses at Allen Bill Parking. The event is located 1km by hiking trail from Allen Bill.



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