Course Maps

Intermediate 3.38km (shortest route)

Advanced 4.39km (shortest route)

Organizers: Damian Konotopetz (Event Director), Clarence Kort (Coach), David Roberts (Coach)

Map: Lindsay Park

Thank you everyone for coming out to our 2017 First Sprint Fall Series Event at Lindsay Park. The weather was great, Damien or course planner set some great courses, and we overcame the "clear" hiccup. Thanks go out to Bogi, Marsha, Teresa, and Marion who helped with registration and Timing. David R and Damien for helping to resolve the clear faux pas. Gabrielle, Petr, Vital, David C, and Michael or pickup team. Let me know if I missed anyone.

Our volunteer sign up sheet will be up in a couple of days, please take your tun and help out with registration, timing, or flag pickup. You are guaranteed to run your race.

Our next event is in Edgemont. Clarence our course planner is sure to set some challenging courses. See you there.

Here are the results that were recorded, sorry no splits


Tim McLaren 21.50
Tatiana Maleshko 25.25
Konstantine Maleshko 70.59


Damien Konotopetz 16.15
Michael Svoboda 20.37
David Roberts 21.53
Petr Hostas 22.46
Vital Maleshko 24.30
Bogi Gyorfi 25.25
David Campden 25.37
Marion Owen 29.22
Gabrielle Savard 29.50
Vanja Salkauskas 32.11
Andrew McLaren 32.28
James Campden 32.53
Marsha Fehr 33.44
Teresa Winn 35.11
Ben MacDonald 35.24
Paul Calistrate-Petre 37.15
Dan Calistrate 39.15
Michael Pella 44.3
Kimberly Iandolo 51.51
Suzanne Brooks 57.54
Magda Callistrate 65.2

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