Organizer: Teresa (Event Director)

Thank you to Gavan for planning the course and all the participants for turning up, having fun out there and braving the ice and burrs. Thirteen people took part and it ended up being a close race with Oleg finishing with 470 points, Stirling 460 and Bogi 400.

Next week will be even more fun, looking for lights instead of fire hydrants.

Please sign up on this page so we know how many maps to print. Event will start and finish at the Winn's house. Email [email protected] for the address.

This weeks training will be a score course. Choose your own route to visit as many controls with as many points as possible within 75 minutes. There will be a mixture of easier and harder controls to suit all levels of experience. Locations will be on a mixture of streets and green spaces in the Tuscany community. There will be no electronic timing.

There will be refreshments and time to socialise after the event

What to bring:
Headlamp and reflective clothing
A twoonie to pay for the event
Make sure you are a club member

Course Maps



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