Organizer: David Roberts (Event Director)

Map: Bowmont

Here is the event on LiveLox, so you can replay the race and simulate a mass start!

We had some fun out there, despite the puking snow (hmmm, I still have to find and pick up the flags out in all this new snow...). There was chilli, mulled wine, snow, live athlete tracking, ice cream, and even some orienteering. Thanks to everyone who came out! We also lost one iPhone out on course (in the 50cm of powder!) but were able to use the live tracking to find it afterwards, which was pretty cool!

Thanks again!

New President's Invitational (a.k.a. Robbie Burns Redux)

Start/Finish at 123 Silver Crest Dr. NW

Come for the Scotch and stay for the orienteering!

We'll be running on a newly expanded and thoroughly NOT field checked Bowmont / Silver Springs map. :P

The event will be a handicapped point-to-point course. I've shortened it up a bit due to the new snow and the forecast. The entire course is a moderately hilly ~5-6 km (plan to run ~6-7 km for the whole thing) with ~15 controls. However, you get to skip controls based on your age and gender.

Handicaps will be printed on the maps, but will be something like: -2 controls for novices, -1 for females, -2 for <12 years old, -2 for <14, -1 for <16, -1 for <18, -1 for >35, -1 for >40, -1 for >45, -1 for >50, -1 for >55, -2 for >60, -2 for >65, and -2 for >70. Handicaps are cumulative, so if you are e.g. a 43 year old woman, you get to skip 3 controls (1 for being female, 1 for being >35, and 1 for being >40).

You get to choose which controls to skip, which should (I hope) introduce some fun strategy!

I'll provide some hot soup or veggie chili and some tasty bread. If you fancy, please bring a wee dram of your favourite Scotch to share (or take your chances with the cheap hooch that I'm likely to have).

We will also try to have this event on LiveLox, a real-time athlete tracking app.

It's pretty cool to be able to watch everyone's progress from the start/finish in real time! If you have a smart phone that you can run with, consider using LiveLox while you run. It's also a good chance to test out the app again, as we might use it for future forest events, etc. Instructions on how to install and run LiveLox are posted here. You'll need to make an account, but it's quick and free, so not too much trouble. Once we have the event maps uploaded to LiveLox, you'll be able to join the event here.


Course Maps



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