Organizers: David Campden (Course Planner), Marion O (Controller), Marsha Fehr (Event Director)

Map: Elbow Bluffs

Course Information:

Beginner: 1400m, 7 controls, all on trails

Novice: 2300m, 9 controls, all close to trails. Some route choice

Intermediate: 4100m, 12 controls, many off trail on obvious contour features. Some off-trail travel required. Compass essential

Short Advanced: 3600m, 12 controls, many on subtle features. Mostly off trail using compass bearings and contours

Long Advanced: 5900m, 250m climb, 8 controls

  • This event is part of the weekend-long Alberta Orienteering Skills Clinic. Clinic participants do not need to register separately for this race.
  • If you aren't taking in the Alberta Orienteering Skills Clinic, you are still welcome to take part in this race. Register using the link above. After May 18, you will be able to register on-site; please let us know in advanced (email to be assured of a map.

Pre-race Intro - "All the basics you need to know"

If you have been orienteering in the city but never in the forest and can not join the weekend-long skills camp, consider coming out a little bit early to join a "all the basics you need to know" forest orienteering clinic. We will offer the 30-minute clinic at 11AM in advance of the noon race start. The clinic is free to race participants.



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