Organizer: David Roberts (Event Director)


This will be an *informal* and largely *un-coached* Forest Training event.

The SOGO Level 3 group will be training out at Sandy McNabb (west of Turner Valley) on Sunday. We'd be happy to have any other club members join us! SOGO coaches will prepare the exercise ahead of time and individuals or small groups can head out together to complete it.

This is bear country and bear spray is HIGHLY recommended (but not mandatory). All competitors MUST carry a whistle and MUST sign the event waiver before participating.

The focus of this session will be compass bearings, so bring a orienteering compass if you have one. We may not have extras to loan out. We will give a short introduction to everyone on compass bearing and maybe practice one all together before breaking away on our own.

Training options:

  • The main training activity will be either 3-4 km (Advanced SHORT) or 5-6 km (Advanced LONG) and have an intermediate/advanced level of difficulty. I.e. Many routes without major handrails requiring more precise navigation with controls on more subtle features.
  • We will also make a shorter, easier course for newer or less-experienced orienteers that will be about 3 km long with a novice + level of difficulty. I.e. nearly always a route option along a major handrail with controls on or just off handrails.


  • Please arrive and be ready to go for 10:00 am (NOTE that this is 30 min earlier than the usual Forest Training sessions!).
  • All participants must return to the start/finish area for 12:00 pm (we will collect controls immediately thereafter).
  • Park at the day use parking lot along the Sandy McNabb Campground road (see map below). The start/finish is about 500 m back up the road towards the highway. Please don't park in the first lot on the left (as I originally said) as we've been asked not to park here.There's a good ice cream shop in Black Diamond. Just sayin'.


  • $10 per person to cover maps and insurance. Cheaper than a normal Forest Training event due to no formal coaching.
  • All SOGO participants (any level) are free!

Please sign up if you plan/hope to attend!


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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