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Organizers: Michael Svoboda (Course Planner), Bob MacDonald (Event Director), Dan Calistrate (Event Director)

Map: MRU Currie


For the Series Finale race, we'll be running a handicapped chase race, where you start based on your average /km pace time over the Sprint Season. So if you were consistently faster than average, you start later (i.e. time handicap), and vice versa.

Anyone who wants to compete in the Fall Series Finale Chase Race should run at their handicapped start time (listed below). It's a chase format (mass finish) so the actual finish order will determine the Series Finale podium.

The first start (Start Time = 00:00, in min:sec) will happen sometime around 10:30am, which should give everyone time to arrive, sign on, figure their start times, and be ready to run. Start Times are based on individual handicap (like golf) based on each runner's average km pace over the entire Fall Series. You had to run at least 4 races to get a handicap.

To compete in the Chase Race, you have to run the Advanced course (3.1 km). Anyone who didn't run enough races to get a handicap (i.e. you're not on the start list) or doesn't want to run Advanced can run any course at any start time (as usual). There are GOOD prizes for top 3 overall in the Chase Race, Intermediate Course, and Beginner Course.

Start Times for the Series Finale Chase Race!

Course Information:

Depending on how cold / icy it Is, metal spikes could be useful. Otherwise rubber spikes would be advisable. One part of the map is out of bounds, so do not go into it, as it is marked out of bounds on the map. None of the courses pass through it.

The planned race format is going to be a chase start based off of weights of times from the previous races this season. Plan to be present at 10:00AM, and if the start lists aren't up today, then you'll be able to find them at the start tomorrow.

Fall Series Sunday

This will be our final event in 2018. The Fall Series Podium Winner, as well as 2nd and 3rd place will be named.

All Fall Season Series Participants times will be handicapped based on your racing results so anyone can win.

Mount Royal is one of the premium sprint courses in Western Canada, with many challenging (tricky) flag locations.

Everyone Is welcome


Fall Series Participants & Family $5.00 or no charge (have not used up 4 free events)

Sogo 3 participants and coaches no charge

Juniors and SOGO Level 1 and 2 no charge

All other members and new members $10.00

The latest forecast says it will be +9 not bad for mid November

See you all on Sunday. Please watch this page for more info.

Events Committee



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