Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.

Organizers: Tim McLaren (Event Director), Karen Martino (Controller)

Map: River Park


Thanks to everyone who came out and especially to our volunteers: Karen M, Bob M, Andrew M, Kath M, Sarah M, Mardy R, David R, Oleg, Mauricio, Vital, and anyone else I missed.

The overall results for each course are posted below, but due to laptop battery issues, the split time results have been posted at two different locations so you will need to look at both pages below to find which one has your split times:

Some of the split times are here on WinSplits Online
The rest of the split times are here

You can view or upload GPS tracks to see your route and times on the course map at

Results – River Park Apr 24 2019

Advanced Long Time Behind
1. Colin N 39:10
2. Gabrielle (Missed Punch) 40:02 +0:52
3. Lyle P 40:45 +1:35
4. Mauricio 42:09 +2:59
5. Paul C (Missed Punch) 42:29 +3:19
6. Oleg 42:56 +3:46
7. Marion O 45:43 +6:33
8. Christin 45:56 +6:46
9. Steven G 47:27 +8:17
10. Dan C (Missed Punch) 56:12 +17:02
11. Magda 59:08 +19:58
12. Danny P 1:02:04 +22:54
13. Marianne J 1:08:39 +29:29
13. Ranita 1:08:39 +29:29
15. Carla T 1:08:42 +29:32
Advanced Short Time Behind
1. Clarence K 24:49
2. Joe V 32:37 +7:48
3. Vanja 34:15 +9:26
4. Arunas 34:51 +10:02
5. Don M (Missed Punch) 38:27 +13:38
6. Heather O 39:15 +14:26
7. Maria O 41:51 +17:02
8. Rowan 41:56 +17:07
9. Sharon P 43:14 +18:25
10. Jane M 50:57 +26:08
Intermediate Time Behind
1. Tess W 27:48
2. Sandra D (Missed Punch) 34:34 +6:46
3. Sue U (Missed Punch) 34:36 +6:48
4. Zoe N 46:21 +18:33
5. Ethan O 46:24 +18:36
6. Peter J 47:04 +19:16
7. Ryan H 47:09 +19:21
8. Selena P (Missed Start Punch)

Novice Time Behind
1. Amelia V 12:59
2. Melessa 26:05 +13:06

The crocuses are blooming! Come enjoy an early Spring along the Elbow River with four courses for all ages and abilities (including complete newbies). Registration and parking is at Sandy Beach Park down the gravel road or bike path at the end of 50th Ave SW (see map below and look for the orienteering signs).

The Novice course is great for first-timers and/or young kids and does a fun loop around the playground and along the river. Watch out for bikes on the bike path. The Intermediate and Short Advanced courses will also cross the footbridge for some trickier route choices on both sides of Elbow River. For a bigger challenge, the Long Advanced course adds some more climbs and long legs through River Park and Riverdale Parks. The Long Advanced course includes some residential streets and a large section where off-leash dogs may be present, but the areas should be relatively uncrowded this early in the season.


  • $5.00/map
  • SOGO spring or fall 2018 participants are free

Please Volunteer

No experience needed. Please sign up here to help with registration, timing, or control pick up. We will make sure you have a chance to race as well. Thank You!


All participants must have a 2019 FWOC Membership. You can either:

Wednesday night event fees:

  • $5/map
  • or purchase a Season Pass: $55 (all 16 Wednesday night events)

Please sign up for courses and/or volunteering on this page as early as possible so we know how many maps to print. We will have a few extras for people who don't sign up beforehand.



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