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Organizer: Karen Martino (Event Director)

Map: Carburn Park

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help out with this event. Despite the torrential 20 min. rain/hail storm that hit during the setting out of controls which delayed the start of the event, it turned out to be a great evening!

Sorry about the placing of control 54 and 39. The control setters were very wet and rushed and made a few mistakes! I have added those controls in for those who gave up the search so you would have a time!

Karen Martino


There will be four courses on offer (novice, intermediate, short advanced and long advanced)

The "Advanced" courses offer more challenging route choice and navigation and many of the "forest" controls require off path travel for the most direct route.

Carburn Park is a unique little area with paved paths, ponds and water features, lots of small trails, forested areas and an intricately laid out surrounding neighborhood all right next to the Bow River. The area received extensive flood damage in 2013, but was remapped in 2016. There are several new small paths that are not on the map and some of the large distinct trees have succumbed to wind and are now lying down.

The Intermediate and advanced courses will take you out of the park and into the surrounding neighborhood. There are several long, "route choice" legs to keep you on your toes! The distances given are point to point and courses 2-4 will be 1-2 km longer than indicated due to the long route choice legs. Come prepared for a good workout!

All participants must have a 2019 FWOC Membership:


  • $5.00/map
  • A Season Pass: $55 (all 16 Wednesday night events)
  • SOGO Spring 2019 or Fall 2018 participants are free!

Please Volunteer!

No experience needed. Please sign up (on the right) to help with registration, timing, or control pick up. We will make sure you have a chance to race as well. Thank You!

Please sign up for courses and/or volunteering on this page before Monday at 11;59pm so we know how many maps to print. We will have a few extras for people who don't sign up beforehand. REMEMBER IF YOU SIGN UP IN ADVANCE IT WILL TAKE LESS THAN 30 SECONDS TO HAVE YOU ON THE COURSE



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