Organizer: Marion O (Event Director)

Thank you to Marion for organizing a fun TNT!

If you weren't able to make it yesterday, you can reach out to Marion and she will send you a pdf of the course should you still want to do it. She will also put a copy of the map on her front step if you'd rather go there and pick up a paper version.

Each week we will assume you are coming and there will be a map for you. If you can't make it on the Friday and would like to run a different day, reach out to Marsha ([email protected]) or the organizer whose contact details will be in the weekly email.

The results from TNT #1 are below.

TNT #1 Results
Andrew M 0:32:44
Vital M 0:38:50
Oleg T 0:44:15
Jonathan W 0:44:38
Christin L 0:45:48
Gabrielle S 0:48:25
Don B 0:51:38
Teresa W 1:00:28
Jane R ~58m
Jason R ~59m
Lennart L ~64m
Marsha F 1:09:45
Doreen 1:12'37 8.08km
Jean M 1:48:00
Alda B no time
Carmie C no time
Don M no time
Lourdes no time
Tory M no time



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