Organizer: Don Bayly (Event Director)

Map: Triwood

Thanks Don. Fun course and map!

When you finish, send Marsha the details so she can upload your results too!

TNT #3 Results
Clarence 37:02 6.25 km
Vital 40:34
Gabrielle 42:36 6.02km
Oleg 44:33 7km
Pablo 45:00
Marion 45:52 6.67km
Teresa 59:40
Deborah 1:01:35 6.35km
Doreen 1:01:35
Curtis B 1:14:00
Lizie D-S 1:14:00
Marta 1:20:00
Lourdes 1:22:00
Geoff and Rebecca 1:22:36 6.44km
Marsha 1:27:53 6.5 km
Jean untimed
Jonathan untimed

This is the third event of the TNT Series. Don has created a new map, Capri Avenue, that he will use for a TNT this Friday. There will be pin flags or orange/white ribbons at the control sites. The course will start and finish near the Triwood Community Centre; recommended parking is in the west part of the community centre parking or on nearby streets. If you have signed up for the series, you should have received an email with the map pdf attached. Don has also uploaded this to MapRunF so, if you have that app on your phone, you can use it to time yourself as well as know that you are in the right place! If you need a map, please reach out to Don as per the email instructions.

The course will be about 5 km. Hope to see you out there!



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