Organizers: Lourdes Gutierrez-Kellam (Event Director), Marion O (Controller)

This is the eighth event of the TNT Series. Thank you to Lourdes for the course and the map!

TNT #8 Results
time km
Clarence 43'29 7.27
Gabrielle 45'15 6.86
Adam S 45'34 7.01

Geoffrey 49'02 7.96
Deborah 51'34 6.88
Doreen 52'14 6.97
Christin 52'04 7.61
Don B 54'10
Karen & Karl 57'32
Jason 1:02'00 8.53
Teresa 1:06'31
Lizie 1:08'00
Curtis 1:08'00
Marsha 1:20'07 7.21
Jane no time
Gavan DNF

Gorgeous sunset Saturday coming down into control #9!

This event will run on a brand new map of Signal Hill, made by a brand new course planner using the info available on the FWOC website! The software creates a pseudo orienteering map so don't expect the detail of an ISSOM map! The software doesn't allow for lines between controls - you will have to figure that out! Some of the features, such as contours, do not show on the maps, but the area is called Signal HILL for a reason. The course is about 7 km long.



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