Organizer: Tim McLaren (Organizer)

Please plan on attending the online 2021 Foothills Orienteering Club's (FWOC) Annual General Meeting of Members (AGM).

Instructions and a password for joining the online Zoom meeting as well as notice and Agenda for the AGM will be emailed to all current members on Feb 22nd. Note that you can join the meeting by phone, but in order to vote you will need to use the Zoom software and be at least 12 years old according to the current Bylaws. We need at least 20% or 15 of the Voting Members to be present for quorum.

The tentative agenda for the meeting is:

  •  Adopting the agenda;
  •  Adopting the minutes of the previous AGM;
  •  Considering the Executive reports;
  •  Reviewing the financial statements and the auditor’s report;
  •  Considering other matters specified in the meeting notice;
  •  Electing the Board of Directors;
  •  Appointing the auditors.

If you are a member of FWOC for the current calendar year (Jan 1 - Dec 31) and are 12 years of age, you are a voting member. Voting members who are unable to vote in the AGM (e.g. not attending or attending by dial-in phone only) can assign their vote to another attendee or the Secretary of the Club using this proxy vote form.

SOGO youth registered in a program in the current calendar year (e.g. upcoming Spring 2021 Session) are members of FWOC, but only those 12 years of age or older are voting members. Parents/guardians of SOGO youth members are not automatically members of the Club unless they are registered in a parented SOGO Squirts program.


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