Organizers: Marion O (Controller), Adam Stoker (Course Planner)

This is the last event of the series. Thanks to Adam S for putting in the effort to create a map and a course!

Bonus TNT #2 Results
Tim 35'38 6.7
Vital 37'00
Clarence 41'53 6.88
Deborah 44'33 6.82
Jason 52'42
Don B 52'52
Marsha 1:01'53
Kristin & Lawrence 1:06'59 8.1
Doreen 1:08'43
Lourdes 1:15'00
Lizie untimed
Curtis untimed
Lena untimed
Ann MP

Thank you, Adam! There were some map challenges, especially around No. 1 (alleys not marked) and 5 (how do I get out of here!). I also found a shortcut from No. 9, not marked on the map. CK

Beautiful afternoon for another fun course. Thank you to Adam for creating the course. DK

Notes from Adam: This course stretches over the area of Calgary formerly occupied by CFB Calgary (known at one time as Currie Barracks). For those that had a chance to run Andrew’s course in the same neighborhood a few weeks back, you’ll recognize some of the terrain but rest assured this covers plenty of new ground as well. This is my first time putting together a course but I’ve had some fantastic support from Marion in working out the kinks to get it TNT-ready! Thanks Marion! The course is about 5 km as the crow flies but will likely end up being around 7 km on the ground depending on route choice.


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