Organizers: Karen Martino (Event Director), Marion O (Event Director)

Map: Rumsey

The Spring Opener is a go! Join us at Rumsey for an orienteering event on this iconic prairie map. There will be signs to the parking from the farmyard. It will be on gravel roads. Allow at least 2 hours from Calgary, more from Edmonton. From the parking area, there will be a walk to the start area. It is almost 1 km and does go through a field with cows and calves. They are quite friendly but give them their space. NO DOGS PLEASE!!

In keeping with Alberta Health guidelines, we are setting out the following practices as to how the event will run:

  • Remember to fill in a Health Declaration on the morning of the event.
  • People will sign up for a time slot in which they will arrive at the start area ready to run - when the map collection area is open and free of other participants. 10 people every 20 minutes. From 10 am until 1 pm. You MUST arrive within your time slot. Please sign up for the earlier times first, if possible. Wear a mask and maintain 2m (or more) distance from other people waiting to start. Please give yourself just enough time to park, get ready and get to the start for your time slot.
  • You must bring your own drinks and food with you. None will be provided. It is your decision whether or not to carry it on the course.
  • Masks are mandatory from leaving your vehicle until you have started your course and should be carried with you on your course.
  • Safety whistles* are mandatory. You must have one when you are on your course.
  • Pick up your map from the appropriate box. There will be sanitizer there. Please use it before picking up your map.
  • On your course, try not to touch the SI units, only insert your SI stick.
  • We suggest that you also carry hand sanitizer with you, in case you inadvertently touch your face/nose, or have touched the SI unit
  • Put your mask back on once you have punched the finish control, BEFORE coming to the download station.
  • Sanitize your hands before downloading. This will be a minimal touch zone, so an organizer will hand you your splits. No results will be posted at the site but we hope to have the results posted before the Zoom call in the evening.
  • No mingling around the start or finish areas, please! Come, run, have fun and leave!

Course Information:

  • A reminder: this is a forest event, so whistles are mandatory! You must carry one with you on the course.
  • THe forecast keeps changing, but it may be cool and wet - so remember a change of clothes and footwear!
  • On the intermediate and advanced courses, there will be cattle on at least part of your course. Treat them with respect, and run around them. On these courses, there will also be a fence crossing. Please cross carefully - we recommend rolling under it to minimize the risk of damaging it. Remember, though, to always check for ticks after events in the spring. The rancher has never seen a bear and ticks are way less common than in the mountains but best to check.
  • If you have never been to Rumsey before, you might think that it looks easy when you look at your map - lots of open hills, wooded areas, marshes. It is actually quite easy to get lost! If you are lost, go to the top of a hill, orient your map to north and try to relocate. If that fails, you can always use the safety bearing! But it is a beautiful and special area.
  • Remember this is a fun event! If there is someone at the control that you are heading to, give them space!
  • If you think you may need longer than 2 hours, let us know via the contact at the top.
  • Full leg cover is recommended as there are lots of prickly bushes in places.
  • There is limited cell coverage on the map, virtually none at the farm. The club cell phone number will be on the maps, in the unlikely event that you need help.
  • Beginner course: this does require a little navigational skill and is not only on paths. As such it is not suitable for beginner children unless shadowed by an adult. Approx 3k. The beginner course does not have cattle on it.
  • Intermediate course: Approx 4k. Suitable for experienced youth and intermediate-level adults.
  • Advanced course: Approx 8k. Opportunities to cut it short if you wish.
  • Registration is open!
  • Pricing:
    • Adult - $15
    • Junior - $10 (Note: SOGO Level 3 participants are free!)
    • Children under 6 - $0
    • Family pricing is $40. In Zone 4, the second, third (etc) child is free.

Declaration of Health

Each participant must complete the FWOC Declaration of Health on April 25 prior to racing. You will be asked a short series of Covid 19 screening questions before you can get your map, so please ensure that you will pass the screening before you depart from Calgary or Edmonton!

*Whistle use: Blow on the whistle only if you get injured or seriously lost. The emergency signal is three blasts at 10 second intervals, repeated every two minutes.



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